Revisiting 2009 …

Yes, okay, it says 2009 … I swear I wasn’t asleep as the crystal ball (pun intended) dropped at the end of that year to bring in the New Year. I just find it useful, if you want to be analytical, to review what some of the best thinkers were saying about social media use in 2009.

So I offer you (at no cost other than your time) Social Media 2009 by some of the smartest social media brains out there (David Armano, Joseph Jaffe, Charlene Li, Chris Brogan, Andy Sernovitz and others).

And what you might find is that it is as relevant in 2010 as it was then. I especially want to point out the piece by Peter Blackshaw since I also make a point to keep up with the research in the Neurosciences. This is after all about knowledge transfer, communication, mind-to-mind, one-to-many …

What Peter (and others in this piece are saying) is that social media works best when the people who are doing the ‘talking’ are the ones most passionate about whatever it is they are saying. Passion carries the day. With the older forms of media (they were also social) creativity too often ruled the waves. Now it’s heart and soul, passion and emotion.

Why you ask?

Simple I say. Think for a moment about three of the events in your past life that come vividly to mind. I know that this morning’s breakfast is not one, nor are the problems at work last week on the list either. What you remember is anchored in strong emotion ( I love that the HTML code for this is ><strong>strong</strong>).

Pop quiz: Where were you on September 11, 2001? If you don’t remeber you were asleep or in a deep coma. It’s strong emotion that takes an event and turns it into a lasting brain memory. Strong emotion is the shunt that takes a moment of time and imprints it somewhere  inside the hippocampus.

So it’s passion and emotion for a subject or product or service that takes a blog / post / comment/ tweet / etc. and renders it memorable. It supports one of the ideas in the piece that it only takes 1 satisfied customer to tell 3 others, BUT it also only takes 1 angry customer to tell 3,000 others

Anyway enjoy … and hopefully remember some of the lessons learned last year during this new one.


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