De Bate Social Media?

Jaffe Juice #133 – The one with the raging social media agency debate

by Joseph Jaffe

My good buddy, Mitch Joel, and my new colleague, Powered’s CMO, Aaron Strout, “sat down” to debate whether the industry needs a dedicated social media agency or alternatively, whether digital agencies are best suited/positioned to deliver on social as just another element of an expanding digital toolbox. The seed for this was an Adweek article.

Clearly, both Mitch and I have our own unique biases. He works for a digital agency and I work for a social media agency. That said, Mitch and I both felt that there isn’t enough productive debate (read: disagreement) in the industry right now and so we came to “blows” in the name of conversation.

We’re both secure enough in terms of who we are and what we bring to the table to do this and most importantly, we’re both GOOD friends and we respect each other deeply.

…that said, you wouldn’t know it at times as things get quite heated.

At the end of the day, the result is probably a hard fought out draw and hopefully the real winner is the listener and the industry in general.

So if you want to spend 1h15 of your time listening in, enjoy….

PS The episode was also syndicated via Mitch’s Podcast, Six Pixels of Separation

PPS I’m pretty sure I’m right about this 🙂 Just had to throw in the last word (sssh – don’t tell Mitch)

As always, send in your audio comments to me on +1 206 203-3255 or follow me on Twitter (why? I have no idea)

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