This is so RIGHT … gotta read today!

From our friends over at SmartBrief

Social Media is the Next Search

We’re not in the habit of introducing articles and stories using a bold red typeface, but if you find a magic lantern you owe it to the Genie to rub it … This story, as ‘they’ say on the streets is da bomb.

If you read nothing else today, this will give you a clue to a new direction that is so BIG we’re just impressed beyond words. So we’ll shut up and let you link to and upload the report.

Use it to learn how to make social networks a larger source of traffic for your site than SEO or SEM.You know those magical and mysterious Google and other search engine “optimizers” that we never have understood yet paid people a lot of money to make happen (or not). SEO? SEM? Forget about it! Just click on the link, download and learn Grasshopper …

Social Media is the Next Search


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