Social Media Services

We are, as you might know by now, experts in the area of Social Media. We know how to create a social media web, write with passion, connect the social media dots …

The result for you is The Conversation with your customers.

We’ve been developing social media marketing campaigns for our  friends, who then became clients, who then told us to start a business.

So we did and called it …

KnowledgeStar is a bunch of experts who are passionate about using Social Media.

We also believe social media has “appeared” when it’s most needed. Read the articles about the way modern technology has disconnected us from each other and the world. Then just look at how fast social media has been adopted and become a solution to the problem.

All you Luddites out there take note! or at least take an IM or tweet …

And a natural offshoot of this rapidly growing phenomenon is social media for business. That’s where our services can shine. We can put you at the center of your own social media web. No need to worry about SEO and page rankings and all the rest of the olde model. Now you ARE the web and the web is all around YOUR Business.  All you need to do is know how make the following happen:

  • Set up a social media web from Facebook to the RSS feeds
  • Create an Authority Blog about your business
  • Go viral in a word-of-mouth world
  • Develop multiple paths to The Conversation
  • Provide real value to your community
  • Participate in The Conversation without selling anything.

Sound easy? If not, contact us. We can do it for you, do it with you, or show you how it is done.  We’re getting permission from our growing client list to build a cloud of their logos and we know you’ll be surprised when you see and recognize them.

Write us at

and find out more …

PS If you’re still waiting at the airport, it’s time to leave. Your ship has come in at Dock 9 Social Media and it’s time to join the party … Hawaiian shirts welcome, and it’s ALL ABOARD!


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