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Loose Posts Sink Ships?

Okay there’s something lost in the translation (like the memorable rhyme) and maybe we need a contest that achieves the same thing, but the there’s a point to all this.

I see the door opening more and more as I work with companies all over the world. Only it’s a revolving door at the end of a hallway lined with rules and regulations. In the following story, those rules make sense. The world and human nature really hasn’t changed that much – we still have the nasty four horsemen – conquest, war, famine and death (and all their foot soldiers too!). We just have a lot of new toys that let us connect with each other and share knowledge in new and faster ways.

And sometimes that knowledge needs to be not shared. That’s the conclusion that companies (and in this story the Military) have come to. If they can’t stop the tsunami of social media (and they can’t – here’s one for you Ayatollah) then they can at least lay down a number of rules of engagement on the social media virtual front.

My Dad used to tell me that “… every carrot has a stick.” If Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest are the carrots, then watch your posts and tweets, since you may get stuck with the stick.

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