Top Social Media Experts

By Erik Qualman

I had some fun this week by highlighting the best in brightest in the social media field.

As the title showcases I selected 10 Social Media All-Stars for each team.  You can see these All-Stars in the list is below:

American League All-Star Team:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk: @garyvee
  • Brian Solis: @briansolis
  • Mari Smith:  @MariSmith
  • Shiv Singh: @shivsingh
  • Clay Shirky: @cshirky
  • Peter Shankman: @skydiver
  • David Meerman Scott: @dmscott
  • Jeremiah Owyang: @jowyang
  • Lee Odden: @LeeOdden
  • Dave Morin: @davemorin

National League All-Star Team

  • Scott Monty: @scottmonty
  • Valeria Maltoni: @ConversationAge
  • Charlene Li: @charleneli
  • Guy Kawasaki: @GuyKawasaki
  • Mitch Joel:  @MitchJoel
  • Brian Halligan: @bhalligan
  • Seth Godin
  • Paul Gillin: @pgillin
  • Chris Brogan: @chrisbrogan
  • Josh Bernoff: @jbernoff

Honorable Mention
Corey Perlman, Dan Zarella, Louis Gray, Richard Binhammer, Frank Eliason, Richard Binhammer, Robert Scoble, Lee Aase, Eric Bradlow, Sally Falkow, Don Steele, Julien Smith, David Grebow, Michael Lazerow, Sarah Hofstetter, Mack Collier, Mike Barbeau, Todd Defren, Tom Gerace, Elizabeth Pigg, Richard MacManus, Jon Gibs, Chris Cunningham, Paul Beck, Matt Goddard, Chris Heuer, CC Chapman, Chris Penn, Shel Israel, Tamar Weinberg, Larry Weber, Morgan Johnston, Tim Washer, Pete Cashmore, David Armano, Nick O’Neil, Mike Stelzner, Jason Falls, Dave Kerpen,  Sonia Simone,  Adam Singer, Michael Brito, Geoff Livingston, Wayne Sutton.


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One response to “Top Social Media Experts

  1. dan

    I totally love this list, I could mine this field for ideas for weeks. Forget university courses, just get where the rubber meets the road. I am getting ready to launch my own little book entitled “Tuning in to the Dot-Com Frequency” about web marketing for Film, TV and digital media, and this is like sending a kid to the candy store with an expense account.

    Dan Shannon
    Montreal, Canada

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