New Medicine = Social Medicine

From Our Friends @ Fast Company

The Great Idea Lost and Found Department:

Forecasts and projections are mainly useful for gaining insights into the belief system of the prognosticator. So okay no surprises here,  I’m a big believer in the power of social media for good.

Since healthcare is in the air right now, I thought it would be useful to pass along some of the down-in-the-weeds details that nobody has yet focused upon and everyone for the most part is not talking about.

They are the “how-to” bring the healthcare reforms into your everyday life. Where the healthcare money meets the future and those Billions of dollars will in fact be saved.

The Luddites who have focused on throwing Tea Parties and fretting over imaginary Death Panels are clueless (or worse). The less change for them the better. They still pay doctors with chickens and peach cobblers in the most remote and unchanging parts of their self proscribed battle zones.

Truth be told, they wouldn’t even be able to define social media let alone turn on the Presidents smartphone.

But part of his Great Healthcare Reform vision is social media, since that’s basic to his understanding of the future. It’s here to stay. It’s in his DNA. It will employed in new and amazing ways – ways that save time and money. He knows it and so should you. Unless you’re into Tea or jamming a Republican monkey wrench into the works.

The use of social media to improve healthcare AND lower costs is the future. And it will happen. Perhaps not exactly as it is detailed in this whitepaper. That’s one of the problems with determining future scenarios – the devil is all ways in the details.

But the general brush strokes are on the canvas. There’s no other way this can go. If the reforms that have just been enacted take place, the only way they can take place is outlined in this whitepaper.

So download and look into the looking glass … some of you are already halfway there! Most of you will need to get with the program … or healthcare app as the case may be …

PS Vastly improving the wireless bandwidth accessibility and speed in the country, from New York to Google, Kansas to Silicon Valley, suddenly starts to make sense with regard to healthcare reform.  There’s a BIG plan here for the future if you know where to look!



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